Release History


1.3.0 (2023-09-30)

  • [ADDED] Added official support for Python 3.11 and 3.12.

  • [ADDED] Added dependency on types-python-dateutil to improve Arrow mypy compatibility. PR #1102

  • [FIX] Updates to Italian, Romansh, Hungarian, Finish and Arabic locales.

  • [FIX] Handling parsing of UTC prefix in timezone strings.

  • [CHANGED] Update documentation to improve readability.

  • [CHANGED] Dropped support for Python 3.6 and 3.7, which are end-of-life.

  • [INTERNAL] Migrate from to pyproject.toml/Flit for packaging and distribution.

  • [INTERNAL] Adopt .readthedocs.yaml configuration file for continued ReadTheDocs support.

1.2.3 (2022-06-25)

  • [NEW] Added Amharic, Armenian, Georgian, Laotian and Uzbek locales.

  • [FIX] Updated Danish locale and associated tests.

  • [INTERNAL] Small fixes to CI.

1.2.2 (2022-01-19)

  • [NEW] Added Kazakh locale.

  • [FIX] The Belarusian, Bulgarian, Czech, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Ukrainian locales now support dehumanize.

  • [FIX] Minor bug fixes and improvements to ChineseCN, Indonesian, Norwegian, and Russian locales.

  • [FIX] Expanded testing for multiple locales.

  • [INTERNAL] Started using xelatex for pdf generation in documentation.

  • [INTERNAL] Split requirements file into requirements.txt, requirements-docs.txt and requirements-tests.txt.

  • [INTERNAL] Added flake8-annotations package for type linting in pre-commit.

1.2.1 (2021-10-24)

  • [NEW] Added quarter granularity to humanize, for example:

>>> import arrow
>>> now =
>>> four_month_shift = now.shift(months=4)
>>> now.humanize(four_month_shift, granularity="quarter")
'a quarter ago'
>>> four_month_shift.humanize(now, granularity="quarter")
'in a quarter'
>>> thirteen_month_shift = now.shift(months=13)
>>> thirteen_month_shift.humanize(now, granularity="quarter")
'in 4 quarters'
>>> now.humanize(thirteen_month_shift, granularity="quarter")
'4 quarters ago'
  • [NEW] Added Sinhala and Urdu locales.

  • [NEW] Added official support for Python 3.10.

  • [CHANGED] Updated Azerbaijani, Hebrew, and Serbian locales and added tests.

  • [CHANGED] Passing an empty granularity list to humanize now raises a ValueError.

1.2.0 (2021-09-12)

  • [NEW] Added Albanian, Tamil and Zulu locales.

  • [NEW] Added support for Decimal as input to arrow.get().

  • [FIX] The Estonian, Finnish, Nepali and Zulu locales now support dehumanize.

  • [FIX] Improved validation checks when using parser tokens A and hh.

  • [FIX] Minor bug fixes to Catalan, Cantonese, Greek and Nepali locales.

1.1.1 (2021-06-24)

  • [NEW] Added Odia, Maltese, Serbian, Sami, and Luxembourgish locales.

  • [FIXED] All calls to arrow.get() should now properly pass the tzinfo argument to the Arrow constructor. See PR #968 for more info.

  • [FIXED] Humanize output is now properly truncated when a locale class overrides _format_timeframe().

  • [CHANGED] Renamed requirements.txt to requirements-dev.txt to prevent confusion with the dependencies in

  • [CHANGED] Updated Turkish locale and added tests.

1.1.0 (2021-04-26)

  • [NEW] Implemented the dehumanize method for Arrow objects. This takes human readable input and uses it to perform relative time shifts, for example:

>>> arw
<Arrow [2021-04-26T21:06:14.256803+00:00]>
>>> arw.dehumanize("8 hours ago")
<Arrow [2021-04-26T13:06:14.256803+00:00]>
>>> arw.dehumanize("in 4 days")
<Arrow [2021-04-30T21:06:14.256803+00:00]>
>>> arw.dehumanize("in an hour 34 minutes 10 seconds")
<Arrow [2021-04-26T22:40:24.256803+00:00]>
>>> arw.dehumanize("hace 2 años", locale="es")
<Arrow [2019-04-26T21:06:14.256803+00:00]>
  • [NEW] Made the start of the week adjustable when using span("week"), for example:

>>> arw
<Arrow [2021-04-26T21:06:14.256803+00:00]>
>>> arw.isoweekday()
1 # Monday
>>> arw.span("week")
(<Arrow [2021-04-26T00:00:00+00:00]>, <Arrow [2021-05-02T23:59:59.999999+00:00]>)
>>> arw.span("week", week_start=4)
(<Arrow [2021-04-22T00:00:00+00:00]>, <Arrow [2021-04-28T23:59:59.999999+00:00]>)
  • [NEW] Added Croatian, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian and Malay locales.

  • [FIX] Internally standardize locales and improve locale validation. Locales should now use the ISO notation of a dash ("en-gb") rather than an underscore ("en_gb") however this change is backward compatible.

  • [FIX] Correct type checking for internal locale mapping by using _init_subclass. This now allows subclassing of locales, for example:

>>> from arrow.locales import EnglishLocale
>>> class Klingon(EnglishLocale):
...     names = ["tlh"]
>>> from arrow import locales
>>> locales.get_locale("tlh")
<__main__.Klingon object at 0x7f7cd1effd30>
  • [FIX] Correct type checking for arrow.get(2021, 3, 9) construction.

  • [FIX] Audited all docstrings for style, typos and outdated info.

1.0.3 (2021-03-05)

  • [FIX] Updated internals to avoid issues when running mypy --strict.

  • [FIX] Corrections to Swedish locale.

  • [INTERNAL] Lowered required coverage limit until humanize month tests are fixed.

1.0.2 (2021-02-28)

  • [FIXED] Fixed an OverflowError that could occur when running Arrow on a 32-bit OS.

1.0.1 (2021-02-27)

  • [FIXED] A py.typed file is now bundled with the Arrow package to conform to PEP 561.

1.0.0 (2021-02-26)

After 8 years we’re pleased to announce Arrow v1.0. Thanks to the entire Python community for helping make Arrow the amazing package it is today!

  • [CHANGE] Arrow has dropped support for Python 2.7 and 3.5.

  • [CHANGE] There are multiple breaking changes with this release, please see the migration guide for a complete overview.

  • [CHANGE] Arrow is now following semantic versioning.

  • [CHANGE] Made humanize granularity=”auto” limits more accurate to reduce strange results.

  • [NEW] Added support for Python 3.9.

  • [NEW] Added a new keyword argument “exact” to span, span_range and interval methods. This makes timespans begin at the start time given and not extend beyond the end time given, for example:

>>> start = Arrow(2021, 2, 5, 12, 30)
>>> end = Arrow(2021, 2, 5, 17, 15)
>>> for r in arrow.Arrow.span_range('hour', start, end, exact=True):
...     print(r)
(<Arrow [2021-02-05T12:30:00+00:00]>, <Arrow [2021-02-05T13:29:59.999999+00:00]>)
(<Arrow [2021-02-05T13:30:00+00:00]>, <Arrow [2021-02-05T14:29:59.999999+00:00]>)
(<Arrow [2021-02-05T14:30:00+00:00]>, <Arrow [2021-02-05T15:29:59.999999+00:00]>)
(<Arrow [2021-02-05T15:30:00+00:00]>, <Arrow [2021-02-05T16:29:59.999999+00:00]>)
(<Arrow [2021-02-05T16:30:00+00:00]>, <Arrow [2021-02-05T17:14:59.999999+00:00]>)
  • [NEW] Arrow now natively supports PEP 484-style type annotations.

  • [FIX] Fixed handling of maximum permitted timestamp on Windows systems.

  • [FIX] Corrections to French, German, Japanese and Norwegian locales.

  • [INTERNAL] Raise more appropriate errors when string parsing fails to match.

0.17.0 (2020-10-2)

  • [WARN] Arrow will drop support for Python 2.7 and 3.5 in the upcoming 1.0.0 release. This is the last major release to support Python 2.7 and Python 3.5.

  • [NEW] Arrow now properly handles imaginary datetimes during DST shifts. For example:

>>> just_before = arrow.get(2013, 3, 31, 1, 55, tzinfo="Europe/Paris")
>>> just_before.shift(minutes=+10)
<Arrow [2013-03-31T03:05:00+02:00]>
>>> before = arrow.get("2018-03-10 23:00:00", "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss", tzinfo="US/Pacific")
>>> after = arrow.get("2018-03-11 04:00:00", "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss", tzinfo="US/Pacific")
>>> result=[(t,"utc")) for t in arrow.Arrow.range("hour", before, after)]
>>> for r in result:
...     print(r)
(<Arrow [2018-03-10T23:00:00-08:00]>, <Arrow [2018-03-11T07:00:00+00:00]>)
(<Arrow [2018-03-11T00:00:00-08:00]>, <Arrow [2018-03-11T08:00:00+00:00]>)
(<Arrow [2018-03-11T01:00:00-08:00]>, <Arrow [2018-03-11T09:00:00+00:00]>)
(<Arrow [2018-03-11T03:00:00-07:00]>, <Arrow [2018-03-11T10:00:00+00:00]>)
(<Arrow [2018-03-11T04:00:00-07:00]>, <Arrow [2018-03-11T11:00:00+00:00]>)
  • [NEW] Added humanize week granularity translation for Tagalog.

  • [CHANGE] Calls to the timestamp property now emit a DeprecationWarning. In a future release, timestamp will be changed to a method to align with Python’s datetime module. If you would like to continue using the property, please change your code to use the int_timestamp or float_timestamp properties instead.

  • [CHANGE] Expanded and improved Catalan locale.

  • [FIX] Fixed a bug that caused Arrow.range() to incorrectly cut off ranges in certain scenarios when using month, quarter, or year endings.

  • [FIX] Fixed a bug that caused day of week token parsing to be case sensitive.

  • [INTERNAL] A number of functions were reordered in for better organization and grouping of related methods. This change will have no impact on usage.

  • [INTERNAL] A minimum tox version is now enforced for compatibility reasons. Contributors must use tox >3.18.0 going forward.

0.16.0 (2020-08-23)

  • [WARN] Arrow will drop support for Python 2.7 and 3.5 in the upcoming 1.0.0 release. The 0.16.x and 0.17.x releases are the last to support Python 2.7 and 3.5.

  • [NEW] Implemented PEP 495 to handle ambiguous datetimes. This is achieved by the addition of the fold attribute for Arrow objects. For example:

>>> before = Arrow(2017, 10, 29, 2, 0, tzinfo='Europe/Stockholm')
<Arrow [2017-10-29T02:00:00+02:00]>
>>> before.fold
>>> before.ambiguous
>>> after = Arrow(2017, 10, 29, 2, 0, tzinfo='Europe/Stockholm', fold=1)
<Arrow [2017-10-29T02:00:00+01:00]>
>>> after = before.replace(fold=1)
<Arrow [2017-10-29T02:00:00+01:00]>
  • [NEW] Added normalize_whitespace flag to arrow.get. This is useful for parsing log files and/or any files that may contain inconsistent spacing. For example:

>>> arrow.get("Jun 1 2005     1:33PM", "MMM D YYYY H:mmA", normalize_whitespace=True)
<Arrow [2005-06-01T13:33:00+00:00]>
>>> arrow.get("2013-036 \t  04:05:06Z", normalize_whitespace=True)
<Arrow [2013-02-05T04:05:06+00:00]>

0.15.8 (2020-07-23)

  • [WARN] Arrow will drop support for Python 2.7 and 3.5 in the upcoming 1.0.0 release. The 0.15.x, 0.16.x, and 0.17.x releases are the last to support Python 2.7 and 3.5.

  • [NEW] Added humanize week granularity translation for Czech.

  • [FIX] arrow.get will now pick sane defaults when weekdays are passed with particular token combinations, see #446.

  • [INTERNAL] Moved arrow to an organization. The repo can now be found here.

  • [INTERNAL] Started issuing deprecation warnings for Python 2.7 and 3.5.

  • [INTERNAL] Added Python 3.9 to CI pipeline.

0.15.7 (2020-06-19)

  • [NEW] Added a number of built-in format strings. See the docs for a complete list of supported formats. For example:

>>> arw = arrow.utcnow()
>>> arw.format(arrow.FORMAT_COOKIE)
'Wednesday, 27-May-2020 10:30:35 UTC'
  • [NEW] Arrow is now fully compatible with Python 3.9 and PyPy3.

  • [NEW] Added Makefile, tox.ini, and requirements.txt files to the distribution bundle.

  • [NEW] Added French Canadian and Swahili locales.

  • [NEW] Added humanize week granularity translation for Hebrew, Greek, Macedonian, Swedish, Slovak.

  • [FIX] ms and μs timestamps are now normalized in arrow.get(), arrow.fromtimestamp(), and arrow.utcfromtimestamp(). For example:

>>> ts = 1591161115194556
>>> arw = arrow.get(ts)
<Arrow [2020-06-03T05:11:55.194556+00:00]>
>>> arw.timestamp
  • [FIX] Refactored and updated Macedonian, Hebrew, Korean, and Portuguese locales.

0.15.6 (2020-04-29)

  • [NEW] Added support for parsing and formatting ISO 8601 week dates via a new token W, for example:

>>> arrow.get("2013-W29-6", "W")
<Arrow [2013-07-20T00:00:00+00:00]>
>>> utc=arrow.utcnow()
>>> utc
<Arrow [2020-01-23T18:37:55.417624+00:00]>
>>> utc.format("W")
  • [NEW] Formatting with x token (microseconds) is now possible, for example:

>>> dt = arrow.utcnow()
>>> dt.format("x")
>>> dt.format("X")
  • [NEW] Added humanize week granularity translation for German, Italian, Polish & Taiwanese locales.

  • [FIX] Consolidated and simplified German locales.

  • [INTERNAL] Moved testing suite from nosetest/Chai to pytest/pytest-mock.

  • [INTERNAL] Converted xunit-style setup and teardown functions in tests to pytest fixtures.

  • [INTERNAL] Setup GitHub Actions for CI alongside Travis.

  • [INTERNAL] Help support Arrow’s future development by donating to the project on Open Collective.

0.15.5 (2020-01-03)

  • [WARN] Python 2 reached EOL on 2020-01-01. arrow will drop support for Python 2 in a future release to be decided (see #739).

  • [NEW] Added bounds parameter to span_range, interval and span methods. This allows you to include or exclude the start and end values.

  • [NEW] arrow.get() can now create arrow objects from a timestamp with a timezone, for example:

>>> arrow.get(1367900664, tzinfo=tz.gettz('US/Pacific'))
<Arrow [2013-05-06T21:24:24-07:00]>
  • [NEW] humanize can now combine multiple levels of granularity, for example:

>>> later140 = arrow.utcnow().shift(seconds=+8400)
>>> later140.humanize(granularity="minute")
'in 139 minutes'
>>> later140.humanize(granularity=["hour", "minute"])
'in 2 hours and 19 minutes'
  • [NEW] Added Hong Kong locale (zh_hk).

  • [NEW] Added humanize week granularity translation for Dutch.

  • [NEW] Numbers are now displayed when using the seconds granularity in humanize.

  • [CHANGE] range now supports both the singular and plural forms of the frames argument (e.g. day and days).

  • [FIX] Improved parsing of strings that contain punctuation.

  • [FIX] Improved behaviour of humanize when singular seconds are involved.

0.15.4 (2019-11-02)

  • [FIX] Fixed an issue that caused package installs to fail on Conda Forge.

0.15.3 (2019-11-02)

  • [NEW] factory.get() can now create arrow objects from a ISO calendar tuple, for example:

>>> arrow.get((2013, 18, 7))
<Arrow [2013-05-05T00:00:00+00:00]>
  • [NEW] Added a new token x to allow parsing of integer timestamps with milliseconds and microseconds.

  • [NEW] Formatting now supports escaping of characters using the same syntax as parsing, for example:

>>> arw =
>>> fmt = "YYYY-MM-DD h [h] m"
>>> arw.format(fmt)
'2019-11-02 3 h 32'
  • [NEW] Added humanize week granularity translations for Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

  • [CHANGE] Added ParserError to module exports.

  • [FIX] Added support for midnight at end of day. See #703 for details.

  • [INTERNAL] Created Travis build for macOS.

  • [INTERNAL] Test parsing and formatting against full timezone database.

0.15.2 (2019-09-14)

  • [NEW] Added humanize week granularity translations for Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

  • [NEW] Embedded changelog within docs and added release dates to versions.

  • [FIX] Fixed a bug that caused test failures on Windows only, see #668 for details.

0.15.1 (2019-09-10)

  • [NEW] Added humanize week granularity translations for Japanese.

  • [FIX] Fixed a bug that caused Arrow to fail when passed a negative timestamp string.

  • [FIX] Fixed a bug that caused Arrow to fail when passed a datetime object with tzinfo of type StaticTzInfo.

0.15.0 (2019-09-08)

  • [NEW] Added support for DDD and DDDD ordinal date tokens. The following functionality is now possible: arrow.get("1998-045"), arrow.get("1998-45", "YYYY-DDD"), arrow.get("1998-045", "YYYY-DDDD").

  • [NEW] ISO 8601 basic format for dates and times is now supported (e.g. YYYYMMDDTHHmmssZ).

  • [NEW] Added humanize week granularity translations for French, Russian and Swiss German locales.

  • [CHANGE] Timestamps of type str are no longer supported without a format string in the arrow.get() method. This change was made to support the ISO 8601 basic format and to address bugs such as #447.

The following will NOT work in v0.15.0:

>>> arrow.get("1565358758")
>>> arrow.get("1565358758.123413")

The following will work in v0.15.0:

>>> arrow.get("1565358758", "X")
>>> arrow.get("1565358758.123413", "X")
>>> arrow.get(1565358758)
>>> arrow.get(1565358758.123413)
  • [CHANGE] When a meridian token (a|A) is passed and no meridians are available for the specified locale (e.g. unsupported or untranslated) a ParserError is raised.

  • [CHANGE] The timestamp token (X) will now match float timestamps of type str: arrow.get(“1565358758.123415”, “X”).

  • [CHANGE] Strings with leading and/or trailing whitespace will no longer be parsed without a format string. Please see the docs for ways to handle this.

  • [FIX] The timestamp token (X) will now only match on strings that strictly contain integers and floats, preventing incorrect matches.

  • [FIX] Most instances of arrow.get() returning an incorrect Arrow object from a partial parsing match have been eliminated. The following issue have been addressed: #91, #196, #396, #434, #447, #456, #519, #538, #560.

0.14.7 (2019-09-04)

  • [CHANGE] ArrowParseWarning will no longer be printed on every call to arrow.get() with a datetime string. The purpose of the warning was to start a conversation about the upcoming 0.15.0 changes and we appreciate all the feedback that the community has given us!

0.14.6 (2019-08-28)

  • [NEW] Added support for week granularity in Arrow.humanize(). For example, arrow.utcnow().shift(weeks=-1).humanize(granularity="week") outputs “a week ago”. This change introduced two new untranslated words, week and weeks, to all locale dictionaries, so locale contributions are welcome!

  • [NEW] Fully translated the Brazilian Portuguese locale.

  • [CHANGE] Updated the Macedonian locale to inherit from a Slavic base.

  • [FIX] Fixed a bug that caused arrow.get() to ignore tzinfo arguments of type string (e.g. arrow.get(tzinfo="Europe/Paris")).

  • [FIX] Fixed a bug that occurred when arrow.Arrow() was instantiated with a pytz tzinfo object.

  • [FIX] Fixed a bug that caused Arrow to fail when passed a sub-second token, that when rounded, had a value greater than 999999 (e.g. arrow.get("2015-01-12T01:13:15.9999995")). Arrow should now accurately propagate the rounding for large sub-second tokens.

0.14.5 (2019-08-09)

  • [NEW] Added Afrikaans locale.

  • [CHANGE] Removed deprecated replace shift functionality. Users looking to pass plural properties to the replace function to shift values should use shift instead.

  • [FIX] Fixed bug that occurred when factory.get() was passed a locale kwarg.

0.14.4 (2019-07-30)

  • [FIX] Fixed a regression in 0.14.3 that prevented a tzinfo argument of type string to be passed to the get() function. Functionality such as arrow.get("2019072807", "YYYYMMDDHH", tzinfo="UTC") should work as normal again.

  • [CHANGE] Moved backports.functools_lru_cache dependency from extra_requires to install_requires for Python 2.7 installs to fix #495.

0.14.3 (2019-07-28)

  • [NEW] Added full support for Python 3.8.

  • [CHANGE] Added warnings for upcoming factory.get() parsing changes in 0.15.0. Please see #612 for full details.

  • [FIX] Extensive refactor and update of documentation.

  • [FIX] factory.get() can now construct from kwargs.

  • [FIX] Added meridians to Spanish Locale.

0.14.2 (2019-06-06)

  • [CHANGE] Travis CI builds now use tox to lint and run tests.

  • [FIX] Fixed UnicodeDecodeError on certain locales (#600).

0.14.1 (2019-06-06)

  • [FIX] Fixed ImportError: No module named 'dateutil' (#598).

0.14.0 (2019-06-06)

  • [NEW] Added provisional support for Python 3.8.

  • [CHANGE] Removed support for EOL Python 3.4.

  • [FIX] Updated with modern Python standards.

  • [FIX] Upgraded dependencies to latest versions.

  • [FIX] Enabled flake8 and black on travis builds.

  • [FIX] Formatted code using black and isort.

0.13.2 (2019-05-30)

  • [NEW] Add is_between method.

  • [FIX] Improved humanize behaviour for near zero durations (#416).

  • [FIX] Correct humanize behaviour with future days (#541).

  • [FIX] Documentation updates.

  • [FIX] Improvements to German Locale.

0.13.1 (2019-02-17)

  • [NEW] Add support for Python 3.7.

  • [CHANGE] Remove deprecation decorators for Arrow.range(), Arrow.span_range() and Arrow.interval(), all now return generators, wrap with list() to get old behavior.

  • [FIX] Documentation and docstring updates.

0.13.0 (2019-01-09)

  • [NEW] Added support for Python 3.6.

  • [CHANGE] Drop support for Python 2.6/3.3.

  • [CHANGE] Return generator instead of list for Arrow.range(), Arrow.span_range() and Arrow.interval().

  • [FIX] Make arrow.get() work with str & tzinfo combo.

  • [FIX] Make sure special RegEx characters are escaped in format string.

  • [NEW] Added support for ZZZ when formatting.

  • [FIX] Stop using datetime.utcnow() in internals, use instead.

  • [FIX] Return NotImplemented instead of TypeError in arrow math internals.

  • [NEW] Added Estonian Locale.

  • [FIX] Small fixes to Greek locale.

  • [FIX] TagalogLocale improvements.

  • [FIX] Added test requirements to setup.

  • [FIX] Improve docs for get, now and utcnow methods.

  • [FIX] Correct typo in depreciation warning.


  • [FIX] Allow universal wheels to be generated and reliably installed.

  • [FIX] Make humanize respect only_distance when granularity argument is also given.


  • [FIX] Compatibility fix for Python 2.x


  • [FIX] Fix grammar of ArabicLocale

  • [NEW] Add Nepali Locale

  • [FIX] Fix month name + rename AustriaLocale -> AustrianLocale

  • [FIX] Fix typo in Basque Locale

  • [FIX] Fix grammar in PortugueseBrazilian locale

  • [FIX] Remove pip –user-mirrors flag

  • [NEW] Add Indonesian Locale


  • [FIX] Fix getattr off by one for quarter

  • [FIX] Fix negative offset for UTC

  • [FIX] Update


  • [NEW] Remove duplicate code

  • [NEW] Support gnu date iso 8601

  • [NEW] Add support for universal wheels

  • [NEW] Slovenian locale

  • [NEW] Slovak locale

  • [NEW] Romanian locale

  • [FIX] respect limit even if end is defined range

  • [FIX] Separate replace & shift functions

  • [NEW] Added tox

  • [FIX] Fix supported Python versions in documentation

  • [NEW] Azerbaijani locale added, locale issue fixed in Turkish.

  • [FIX] Format ParserError’s raise message


  • []


  • [NEW] Esperanto locale (batisteo)


  • [FIX] Parse localized strings #228 (swistakm)

  • [FIX] Modify tzinfo parameter in get api #221 (bottleimp)

  • [FIX] Fix Czech locale (PrehistoricTeam)

  • [FIX] Raise TypeError when adding/subtracting non-dates (itsmeolivia)

  • [FIX] Fix pytz conversion error (Kudo)

  • [FIX] Fix overzealous time truncation in span_range (kdeldycke)

  • [NEW] Humanize for time duration #232 (ybrs)

  • [NEW] Add Thai locale (sipp11)

  • [NEW] Adding Belarusian (be) locale (oire)

  • [NEW] Search date in strings (beenje)

  • [NEW] Note that arrow’s tokens differ from strptime’s. (offby1)


  • [FIX] Added support for Python 3

  • [FIX] Avoid truncating oversized epoch timestamps. Fixes #216.

  • [FIX] Fixed month abbreviations for Ukrainian

  • [FIX] Fix typo timezone

  • [FIX] A couple of dialect fixes and two new languages

  • [FIX] Spanish locale: Miercoles should have acute accent

  • [Fix] Fix Finnish grammar

  • [FIX] Fix typo in ‘Arrow.floor’ docstring

  • [FIX] Use read() utility to open README

  • [FIX] span_range for week frame

  • [NEW] Add minimal support for fractional seconds longer than six digits.

  • [NEW] Adding locale support for Marathi (mr)

  • [NEW] Add count argument to span method

  • [NEW] Improved docs

0.5.1 - 0.5.4

  • [FIX] test the behavior of simplejson instead of calling for_json directly (tonyseek)

  • [FIX] Add Hebrew Locale (doodyparizada)

  • [FIX] Update documentation location (andrewelkins)

  • [FIX] Update Development Status level (andrewelkins)

  • [FIX] Case insensitive month match (cshowe)


  • [NEW] struct_time addition. (mhworth)

  • [NEW] Version grep (eirnym)

  • [NEW] Default to ISO 8601 format (emonty)

  • [NEW] Raise TypeError on comparison (sniekamp)

  • [NEW] Adding Macedonian(mk) locale (krisfremen)

  • [FIX] Fix for ISO seconds and fractional seconds (sdispater) (andrewelkins)

  • [FIX] Use correct Dutch wording for “hours” (wbolster)

  • [FIX] Complete the list of english locales (indorilftw)

  • [FIX] Change README to reStructuredText (nyuszika7h)

  • [FIX] Parse lower-cased ‘h’ (tamentis)

  • [FIX] Slight modifications to Dutch locale (nvie)


  • [NEW] Include the docs in the released tarball

  • [NEW] Czech localization Czech localization for Arrow

  • [NEW] Add fa_ir to locales

  • [FIX] Fixes parsing of time strings with a final Z

  • [FIX] Fixes ISO parsing and formatting for fractional seconds

  • [FIX] test_fromtimestamp sp

  • [FIX] some typos fixed

  • [FIX] removed an unused import statement

  • [FIX] docs table fix

  • [FIX] Issue with specify ‘X’ template and no template at all to arrow.get

  • [FIX] Fix “import” typo in docs/index.rst

  • [FIX] Fix unit tests for zero passed

  • [FIX] Update layout.html

  • [FIX] In Norwegian and new Norwegian months and weekdays should not be capitalized

  • [FIX] Fixed discrepancy between specifying ‘X’ to arrow.get and specifying no template


  • [NEW] Turkish locale (Emre)

  • [NEW] Arabic locale (Mosab Ahmad)

  • [NEW] Danish locale (Holmars)

  • [NEW] Icelandic locale (Holmars)

  • [NEW] Hindi locale (Atmb4u)

  • [NEW] Malayalam locale (Atmb4u)

  • [NEW] Finnish locale (Stormpat)

  • [NEW] Portuguese locale (Danielcorreia)

  • [NEW] h and hh strings are now supported (Averyonghub)

  • [FIX] An incorrect inflection in the Polish locale has been fixed (Avalanchy)

  • [FIX] arrow.get now properly handles Date (Jaapz)

  • [FIX] Tests are now declared in and the manifest (Pypingou)

  • [FIX] __version__ has been added to (Sametmax)

  • [FIX] ISO 8601 strings can be parsed without a separator (Ivandiguisto / Root)

  • [FIX] Documentation is now more clear regarding some inputs on arrow.get (Eriktaubeneck)

  • [FIX] Some documentation links have been fixed (Vrutsky)

  • [FIX] Error messages for parse errors are now more descriptive (Maciej Albin)

  • [FIX] The parser now correctly checks for separators in strings (Mschwager)


  • [NEW] Factory get method now accepts a single Arrow argument.

  • [NEW] Tokens SSSS, SSSSS and SSSSSS are supported in parsing.

  • [NEW] Arrow objects have a float_timestamp property.

  • [NEW] Vietnamese locale (Iu1nguoi)

  • [NEW] Factory get method now accepts a list of format strings (Dgilland)

  • [NEW] A file has been added (Pypingou)

  • [NEW] Tests can be run directly from (Pypingou)

  • [FIX] Arrow docs now list ‘day of week’ format tokens correctly (Rudolphfroger)

  • [FIX] Several issues with the Korean locale have been resolved (Yoloseem)

  • [FIX] humanize now correctly returns unicode (Shvechikov)

  • [FIX] Arrow objects now pickle / unpickle correctly (Yoloseem)


  • [NEW] Table / explanation of formatting & parsing tokens in docs

  • [NEW] Brazilian locale (Augusto2112)

  • [NEW] Dutch locale (OrangeTux)

  • [NEW] Italian locale (Pertux)

  • [NEW] Austrian locale (LeChewbacca)

  • [NEW] Tagalog locale (Marksteve)

  • [FIX] Corrected spelling and day numbers in German locale (LeChewbacca)

  • [FIX] Factory get method should now handle unicode strings correctly (Bwells)

  • [FIX] Midnight and noon should now parse and format correctly (Bwells)


  • [NEW] Format-free ISO 8601 parsing in factory get method

  • [NEW] Support for ‘week’ / ‘weeks’ in span, range, span_range, floor and ceil

  • [NEW] Support for ‘weeks’ in replace

  • [NEW] Norwegian locale (Martinp)

  • [NEW] Japanese locale (CortYuming)

  • [FIX] Timezones no longer show the wrong sign when formatted (Bean)

  • [FIX] Microseconds are parsed correctly from strings (Bsidhom)

  • [FIX] Locale day-of-week is no longer off by one (Cynddl)

  • [FIX] Corrected plurals of Ukrainian and Russian nouns (Catchagain)

  • [CHANGE] Old 0.1 arrow module method removed

  • [CHANGE] Dropped timestamp support in range and span_range (never worked correctly)

  • [CHANGE] Dropped parsing of single string as tz string in factory get method (replaced by ISO 8601)


  • [NEW] French locale (Cynddl)

  • [NEW] Spanish locale (Slapresta)

  • [FIX] Ranges handle multiple timezones correctly (Ftobia)


  • [FIX] Humanize no longer sometimes returns the wrong month delta

  • [FIX] __format__ works correctly with no format string


  • [NEW] Python 2.6 support

  • [NEW] Initial support for locale-based parsing and formatting

  • [NEW] ArrowFactory class, now proxied as the module API

  • [NEW] factory api method to obtain a factory for a custom type

  • [FIX] Python 3 support and tests completely ironed out


  • [NEW] Python 3+ support


  • [FIX] The old arrow module function handles timestamps correctly as it used to


  • [NEW] Arrow.replace method

  • [NEW] Accept timestamps, datetimes and Arrows for datetime inputs, where reasonable

  • [FIX] range and span_range respect end and limit parameters correctly

  • [CHANGE] Arrow objects are no longer mutable

  • [CHANGE] Plural attribute name semantics altered: single -> absolute, plural -> relative

  • [CHANGE] Plural names no longer supported as properties (e.g. arrow.utcnow().years)


  • [NEW] Support for localized humanization

  • [NEW] English, Russian, Greek, Korean, Chinese locales



  • [NEW] Date parsing

  • [NEW] Date formatting

  • [NEW] floor, ceil and span methods

  • [NEW] datetime interface implementation

  • [NEW] clone method

  • [NEW] get, now and utcnow API methods


  • [NEW] Humanized time deltas

  • [NEW] __eq__ implemented

  • [FIX] Issues with conversions related to daylight savings time resolved

  • [CHANGE] __str__ uses ISO formatting


  • Started tracking changes

  • [NEW] Parsing of ISO-formatted time zone offsets (e.g. ‘+02:30’, ‘-05:00’)

  • [NEW] Resolved some issues with timestamps and delta / Olson time zones